10A and 8A High Current coaxial/barrel plug jacks design for mating to high current and wattage external AC DC power supplies and adapters

A coaxial power connector (also known as barrel connectors, concentric barrel connectors or tip connectors) are an electrical power connector used for attaching extra-low voltage devices such as Information and Communication (ICT) equipment, Information Technology Equipment (ITE), medical equipment, and household use electronics to external electricity. These small cylindrical connectors come in an enormous variety of sizes.

Barrel plug connectors are commonly used to interface the secondary side of a power supply with the device and connect through a jack. Common power power supplies, their barrel connectors, and the mating jacks are rated for relatively low voltage and current. GlobTek provides a large number of high current external AC DC power supplies in popular ratings like 5V at 8A or 12V at 9.2A and more.

Suzhou high current AC DC external power supply adapters require the use of special high current barrel connectors and must mate to equally high current rated coaxial barrel plug jacks. GlobTek provides a series of 10A rated high current coaxial barrel plug jacks to properly and safely mate to GlobTek high current external power supply AC DC Adapters. GlobTek also provides a white paper on Thermal Design for High Current PCB-Mount Barrel Jacks and can provide demo boards to qualifying customers upon request.

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