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Engineering and R & D

GlobTek brings to power supply design and production the same skills and advantages that have made us number one customers' choice for over years. Our vertical integration, highly efficient facilities, and steadfast obligation to quality and service excellence have enabled us to provide high-value custom engineered power supplies to many satisfied customers.

GlobTek engineers, designs, and manufactures both standard and customized AC-AC, AC-DC, DC-DC power supplies. Our designs fulfill power requirements ranging from 5 watts to 2 kilowatts. GlobTek's greatest advantage is our pledge to serving our customers. Recognizing your need to lower costs and get products to market faster, our team delivers your solution on time and on budget.

Fully Equipped Engineering Facility

GlobTek can meet your most challenging requirements. Our custom design and manufacturing process starts with our in-house engineering staff, all of whom have extensive experience in power supply engineering, high voltage applications, and project management. Our design team is equipped with the most sophisticated computer design and analysis tools available. We will work according to your specifications, or work jointly with you to develop a specification for your product.

GlobTek's design team works integrally with our customers to prepare custom product for prototyping and manufacturing. GlobTek's modern facilities host production projects from large OEM runs to small lots for special applications. Our devoted areas for R&D and prototyping permit GlobTek to offer unparalleled flexibility in bringing customer requirements to realization.

Power Supply Electrical Testing Capability

Power supply engineering equipmentPower supply engineering equipmentPower supply test equipmentGlobTek engineer at work

    1. DC output voltage
    2. DC output current
    3. Peak-Peak noise
    4. RMS noise
    5. Current ripple
    6. Efficiency
    7. In-test adjustment
    8. Power good signal
    9. Power fail signal
    10. P/S ON signal
    11. Extended measure
    12. Waveform capture
    13. Overshoot voltage

    1. Inrush current
    2. Input RMS current
    3. Input peak current
    4. Input power
    5. Current harmonics against regulations
    6. Input power factor
    7. Input voltage ramp (brownout)
    8. Input freq. ramp
    9. AC cycle drop out
    10. PLD simulaton

    1. Current regulation
    2. Voltage regulation
    3. Combine regulation
    4. Total regulation

    1. Power on sequence
    2. Power off sequence
    3. Transient response time
    4. Transient spike
    5. Turn ON time
    6. Rise time
    7. Fall time
    8. Hold-up time
    9. Extra timing
    10. Tracking
    11. Swing check

    1. Short curcuit
    2. OV protection
    3. UV protection
    4. OL protection
    5. OP protection

    1. Fan speed
    2. Auto alignment test
    3. Correlation test
    4. UUT measurement verification test
    5. High di/dt loading test


Should your application require special certifications (UL, CE, CSA, VDE, TUV, etc.) GlobTek can handle the process for you, or we can support your self-certification effort. You can rely on GlobTek for quality assurance through all phases of the custom design process.

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