Cleaning & Sterilization Instructions for Medical Grade Power Supplies & AC Adapters

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Germicidal disposable cloth wipes, or wipes moistened with Isopropyl Alcohol 90% or higher Ethanol may be used to clean the Power Supply/AC Adapter. Cleaning with a wipe moistened with these solutions should be followed by wiping the Power Supply with distilled water. Caustic or abrasive cleaners should not be used to clean the Power Supply/AC Adapter.

Acceptable Disinfectants:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol

  • Ethyl Alcohol


Cleaning & Sterilization Instructions for Medical Grade Power Supplies & AC Adapters
Many medical environments have cleaning and sterilization procedures. While GlobTek Medical Grade Power Supply AC Adapters are not used to directly treat patients, it is reported that medical personel may sterilize or clean them in medical environments.



Risk of Shock: Cleaning fluids besides Isopropyl Alcohol could leave a residue when it dries which may be conductive.

Risk of Shock: Ensure Power Supply is disconnected from mains voltage during and after cleaning until completely dry.

Caution: Do not spray or pour any liquid directly on the Power Supply or accessories.


Caution: Do not use caustic or abrasive cleaners, or harsh solvents, including petroleum-based or acetone solutions, to clean the device. Other cleaning fluids can cause degradation of the Power Supply materials.



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Do the same for the input cord if applicable.

  1. Remove Cable Tie(s) from Output and Input Cords if equipped and in place.

  2. Clean all 6 sides of unit Plastic Housing surface with a disinfectant soaked cloth.

  3. Clean outstretched Input and Output Cord sets including the Connectors by pulling thru a disinfectant soaked cloth down its length.

  4. Soak cotton swab with disinfectant and swab around the AC Input Blades and around Output Connector.

  5. Re-attach Cable Tie(s) if applicable.



System designers and companies incorporating Globtek medical grade Power Supplies into their equipment are responsible for understanding the application environment where the Power Supply will be used and how it may be sterilized. It is the responsibility of the customer to properly instruct the end users on how and when to sterilize GlobTek power supplies, if appropriate.


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