Interchangeable Blades / Q-Blades / R-Blades

Interchangeable input plugs for wall plug in AC DC Adapters, also known as blades or multiplugs, provide OEMs a large advantage in their power architecture with a large efficiency in logistics and system packaging.

Aside from the simplicity in the wall plug in adapter minimizing wires and cables, this solution provides the OEM a single wall plug in AC DC power supply, with single regulatory testing and singular system level EMC design while providing a global solution for system marketing and export. This provides an option for the OEM to have a single SKU for the wall plug in ac dc power supply adapter.

GlobTek's Q series of wall plug in AC DC adapters provides the company's largest offering of interchangeable blades options for wall plug in adapters with 14 options. In addition, they match wall plug in power supplies from 6-40W, with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) (IEC62368-1), Information Technology Equipment (IEC60950-1), Medical (60601-1), UL 1310, and Household Use (IEC60335-1). GlobTek AC DC wall plug in adapters typically provide North American (UL, ETL), European (CE), Russian (EAC), Ukraine, Japan (PSE), China (CCC), and Australian/New Zealand (RCM) Certifications as standard providing customers instant access to global markets without upfront costs.


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