IMR14650 Li-Ion Cylindrical Battery Cell offers 3.7V rated voltage and 950mAh capacity in a compact cylindrical cell with IEC62133-2:207 Certification

GlobTek offers a IMR14650 Li-Ion Cylindrical Battery Cell for use in battery pack assemblies. This compact cylindrical Li-Ion cell is rated 3.7V with a rated current of 950mAh. 
The battery cell IEC62133-2:2017 Certified

Basic spec overview:
Battery Type: 15A high power Battery
Cell Size: 14650
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Nominal Capacity: 950 mAh
Cut-off Voltage: 3.0V
Charging at end of Voltage: 4.2V
Size: D14 *H65 mm
continuous Discharge Curren: 15A
Charging: By Lithium Ion Battery Charger such as GTM91128 series
Working: Charge 0-45℃;Discharge:-20-45℃
Storage Temperature: -10-35℃
Cycle Life: 500 Cycles 

A battery cell shall always be assembled into a pack with a protection circuit appropriate to the end use application. GlobTek can provide battery packs in any configuration made with this cell.

GlobTek’s ability to match our custom battery packs to a custom battery charger designed for each specific application also keeps our customers a step ahead of the competition. We design and optimize both battery pack and battery charger during the design phase to provide the best possible performance.

Battery packs can be assembled from cells made by internationally recognized brands or from lower cost, lesser known Chinese manufacturers based on customer requirements and application demands. Common Standard and Optional Features for Other GlobTek’s Battery Packs Include:

  1. High operating voltage
  2. Curved / Flexible
  3. Similar in all other ways to standard lithium polymer cells
  4. High energy density
  5. Customizable connection & housing
  6. Customizable monitoring (fuel gauge, LED, etc).
  7. Customizable protection / safety circuitry
  8. Constant Current (CC) and / or Constant Voltage (CV) Charging Method
  9. Overcharge / Overdischarge Detection and Cut-off
  10. Overcurrent Detection
  11. Multitude of Latest Chemistries

GlobTek Wall plug in AC Adapters are commonly used as power sources for intelligent battery charging solutions. Charging, monitoring and protection circuitry is optimized to work with GlobTek’s extensive family of multi-chemistry chargers, but can be modified to customers’ requirements. Constant Current output is available upon request.

Multitude of charging cradles and bays are available or can be designed to clients’ specifications.

The battery pack can be supplied with customer designated output connectors, many of which are stocked at GlobTek New Jersey USA, Münster Germany, and Suzhou China locations Made in USA or Made in China options available. Local China to China delivery is available upon request.

When designing in battery packs in end systems, please always consider Guidelines and cautions, Safety Notes, and Safety Precautions published on GlobTek’s website.

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