GlobTek’s Improved Construction Ruggedized USB Type C connector, shielded, unibody construction

In today’s world of widespread electronics use, charging cables with USB type C connectors are the most widely used for most switch mode power supplies and chargers. Users tend to be abusive of devices and USB Type C connectors due to frequent usage or other factors. One of the most common causes of cable breakage is the improper removal from the applied system device. Pulling the cable midpoint or even pulling on the overmolded body of the connector can cause damage from improper insertion force and pulling tension stress of the connector.

Globtek Inc, a world-class manufacturer of switching power supplies, chargers and cables has developed a ruggedized USB00016 USB-C type connector (Photo B).

  • This newly designed USB-C connector helps improve EMI performance with the shield.
  • A unibody plug and PCB cover with integrated cable clamp- provides superior ruggedness and prevents breakage as may be seen on simple USB C cables with separate plug and PCB components (Photo A).
  • At the rear of the unibody assembly is a connected cable clamp which secures the connector shell to the cable mechanically.
  • The combination of the cable clamp and overmold withstands a very high pull force. 
  • This plug is more robust in terms of bending protection after the plug is inserted.
  • Less component stress during the manufacturing process due to the metal shell protecting inner components
  • Superior cosmetic appearance due to a rigid inner enclosure to support the overmold.

Photo A (Old Compact Size USB-C)

Photo B (Unibody type)

Old Compact Size USB-C

Unibody type

GlobTek's USB00016 USB Type C plug is available on a wide range of USB Cord products which can be found at and power supplies at and are in stock at Digikey
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