DOE EPS 2.0 Level VI compliant Power Over Ethernet (POE) Injectors

According to the DOE, Power over Ethernet injectors must comply with Level Vi efficiency requirements. Information related to this requirement may be found online:

GlobTek provides patented technology which enables Level Vi efficiency compliance. GlobTek offers high efficiency 15.4w IEEE802.3af PoE PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment), 25w and 70w IEEE802.3at PoE+ PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment).

The IEEE developed IEEE802.3af to standardize a system of supplying low voltage power to networked devices via the communications line. Released in mid-2003, the standard was entitled: Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) Power via Media Dependant Interface (MDI). It is more commonly referred to as Power over Ethernet (POE). PoE supplies power to network devices over the same standard Category 5e (CAT-5) cabling that carries the data. Devices can be installed wherever structured Ethernet wiring is located, without the need for AC power outlets nearby. The benefits of PoE include increased mobility for end devices, added safety (no AC power involved), simplicity of installation, reliability, security and cost savings.

GlobTek provides both Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) and Powered Devices (PD). Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) provide the DC power to Powered Devices (PD). PSEs source up to 70W watts at 56V Max volts to each Powered Devices (PD). A PSE, considered a midspan device, is connected in-line to each end device and adds power to the line. GlobTek provides Powered Devices (PD) in the form of POE Splitters designed to convert low voltage power transmitted over structured Ethernet CAT-5 cabling into 5-24VDC for end products and also provide Data as transmitted on the cabling.

GlobTek's line of Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) Midspans and Injectors shown below are DOE EPS 2.0 Level VI compliant for energy efficiency as described here: GlobTek's Patent pending technology allows for the Greenest implementation of Power over Ethernet available on the market today. Typical applications for such devices are IP Cameras, Ip Phones, Network appliances, and Security equipment.

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