Data collection requests to all your European customers have been emailed to request updated information for VAT and EORI numbers

A data collection request has been sent to all customers in Europe regarding EORI numbers in compliance with forthcoming European regulations who's deadline is approaching quickly


The request has been sent from with the subject of: Update VAT and EORI for Europe in order to comply with Europe’s Import Control System 2 (ICS2)


Please be informed that the emails are authentic and have been sent by GlobTek, Inc. In an effort to collect critically important information in order to comply with European regulations for importing goods to Europe. Without this information, it is possible that customers in Europe will have delays during invitation due to lack of proper documentation in advance.


Body of the emails is below for your reference.

The European Union (EU) is strengthening safety and security at customs for its citizens through a large-scale information system called Import Control System 2 (ICS2). As a result, we will need to provide additional information about your shipments to the authorities and we are asking you to ensure that you provide these details, so that we don't need to contact you every time we ship or even worse that deliveries will get stuck in the importation stage in your country due to a lack of this number which can cause delays and extra cost from the logistics suppliers. Learn more online:


Die Europäische Union (EU) stärkt die Sicherheit am Zoll für ihre Bürger durch ein groß angelegtes Informationssystem namens Import Control System 2 (ICS2). Infolgedessen müssen wir den Behörden zusätzliche Informationen über Ihre Sendungen zur Verfügung stellen, und wir bitten Sie, sicherzustellen, dass Sie diese Angaben machen, damit wir Sie nicht jedes Mal kontaktieren müssen, wenn wir versenden, oder noch schlimmer, dass Lieferungen dies tun aufgrund des Fehlens dieser Nummer in der Importphase in Ihrem Land stecken bleiben, was zu Verzögerungen und zusätzlichen Kosten bei den Logistikanbietern führen kann. Erfahren Sie mehr online:

Thank you in advance for your cooperation to fill out the form online and please consider this action to be urgent in order for us to provide the proper paperwork with future shipments entering the euro zone

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