EIAJ RC-5320A Connectors in type 1,2,3,4 and 5 Available in molded and changeable configurations for AC to DC Adapters, DC to DC adapters, and Cable assemblies

EIAJ RC-5320A Connectors Used on Stock power supplies
EIAJ RC-5320A Connectors are popular low voltage connectors used on AC to DC power supplies and adapters or used on cable assemblies.

The design philosophy is that higher voltages should be supplied via larger plugs to prevent equipment damage. A larger plug will not go into a smaller jack.

An overview of EIAJ RC-5320A Connectors is below. GlobTek offers all options both as overmolded plugs for power adapters or on cable assemblies. GlobTek also offer's it's T00 changeable output connector system on most common output voltages and current combination power adapters and also common cable assembly lengths which are widely stocked for immediate needs.

These plugs may be overmolded on various types of cables, both round and flat, in a number of guages and can be made in any length with any termination on the opposite end.

Connector NameMinimum VoltageRated VoltageRated CurrentOuter DiameterInner DiameterPin DiameterShaft Length 
EIAJ-010 V3.15 V2 Aplug: 2.35 mm

jack: 2.75 mm hole

plug: 0.7 mm

jack: 0.65 mm pin

none9.5~13 mm 
EIAJ-023.15 V6.3 V2 Aplug: 4.0 mm

jack: 4.4 mm hole

plug: 1.7 mm

jack: 1.65 mm pin

none9.5 mm 
EIAJ-036.3 V10.5 V2 Aplug: 4.75 mm

jack: 5.15 mm hole

plug: 1.7 mm

jack: 1.65 mm pin

none9.5~12 mm 
EIAJ-0410.5 V13.5 V2 A5.5 mm3.4 mm1.0 mm9.5~13.5 mm 
EIAJ-0513.5 V18.0 V2 A6.5 mm4.4 mm1.4 mm9.5~16 mm 

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Made in USA option available.

5 year warranty

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