Lithium-Thionyl Chloride (Li-SOCL2) Batteries

Lithium-thionyl chloride cells (Li-SoCl2) have a metallic lithium anode (the lightest of all the metals) and a liquid cathode comprising a porous carbon current collector filled with thionyl chloride (SOCl2). They deliver a voltage of 3.6 V and are cylindrical in shape, in 1/2AA to D format, with spiral electrodes for power applications and bobbin construction for prolonged discharge.

Lithium thionyl chloride batteries are the primary battery currently with the highest voltage and energy, longest storage, and the least self-discharge rate. Those batteries are ideal for such long-term applications as power for electric devices and electric power, water, heat and gas meters, and especially as a backup power source for memory ICs.

Product features :

  • High cell voltage : The battery has an open-circuit voltage of 3.67V and an operating voltage of 3.60V, which are considerably higher than in any other commercially available primary batteries.
  • Wide operating temperature range : The battery is capable of operation in a wide temperature range normally from -60℃ to +85℃. One special series has an extended temperature range up to 150°C.
  • High energy density : The electrochemical system exhibits the highest energy density of any available primary battery, up to 650Wh/kg and 1280Wh/L.
  • Long operating life and superior shelf life : The self-discharge of Li/SOCl2 battery is extremely low (less than 1% per year at 20℃), which can support long storage periods and achieve a service life of 10 to 20 years.
  • Excellent safety : The complete line of products is recognized and regularly inspected by Underwriters Laboratories, and meet UN transportation test requirements.
  • Hermetically sealed case : The hermetically sealed case is essential for the long shelf life and inherent safety of the devices in which the batteries are used. The cover is welded to the can. A glass-to-metal seal is used to insulate the positive terminal. A safety vent is used on the negative terminals for spiral type.


  • AMR (Automated meter reading) utility metering (Electricity meter, Gas meter, Water meter and Heat meter)
  • Alarms and security wireless devices
  • Mobile asset tracking
  • Medical Equipment
  • GPS
  • Emergency location transmitters beacons (ELTs, EPIRBs)
  • Professional electronics
  • Military radio communication
  • Oil exploration
  • Automotive telemetry


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