GTD221109 Vehicle/Car DC/DC Converter ICT/ITE Power Supply

Model NumberGTD221109
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CE EC-Declaration for Industrial/Commercial/ITE
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UKCA-Declaration for Industrial/Commercial/ITE
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Model Parameters
TypeVehicle/Car DC/DC Converter
CategoryICT/ITE Power Supply
Input Voltage Range (V)12-24 Vdc
Max Input Current (A)
Max Output Power Rating (W)60
Output Voltage Range (V)12-24
Ingress Protection
Size (mm)103*50*32.5
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Rating Table
Model Number (Final ordering #/Part No to be defined)Voltage (V)Current (A)Power (W)RFQ
* (Final ordering #/Part No to be defined)
1.1 Input Characteristics
1.1.1 DC input voltage
Rated input voltage: 12 ~ 24Vdc
1.1.2 DC input current
Maximum: 10A
1.2 Efficiency
1.2.1 The efficiency of power supply will be higher than 85% at input voltage range with
average value.
1.3 Ripple & Noise
Ripple limit: Output voltage 1% max.
Noise limit: Output voltage 1% max.
1.4 Protection
1.4.1 Short circuit protection
When output short circuited, output voltage peak value will be less rating output
1.4.2 Over current protection
Over current protection point will be less than output current 200%
1.4.3 Over voltage protection
Over voltage protection point will be less than output voltage 130%

2.1 MTBF
40,000 hour Power on at 25 ℃
2.2 Temperature Rise (Delta-T ).
Temperature rise will be less than 85℃ and case temperature rise will be less than
35 ℃ at normal DC input / DC output full loading
Environment temperature 25 ± 1℃
2.3 Burn-in
100% Burn - in at full loading and 4 hours at 40 +/- 5℃ Environment temperature
2.4 Drop Test
The adapter will be subjected to 3 drops from 1 M height on a hard wooden surface.
2.5 DC input ON/OFF test
The adapter must meet all specifications after test.
DC input voltage: 12~24Vdc
DC input ON/OFF cycle: min 5 sec/ 5 sec
DC input voltage drop: 30%/500msec
DC input ON/OFF times: 10,000

3.1 Temperature
The adapter must meet all specifications after test.
Unit operating temperature range: 0 to 40℃
Storage temperature range: -20 to 85℃
3.2 Max Temperature
The adaptor must meet all specifications after test.
Measure the temperature continuously for more than 3 hours with max load.
3.3 Humidity
The adapter must meet all specifications after test.
Operating humidity: Max 90%RH
Storage humidity: Max 90% RH
3.4 Altitude
Installation : Sea level up to +10,000 feet
Storage : Sea level -100 to +10,000 feet

4 Mechanical
4.1 Plastic Case material: “PC”
4.2 Physical Size: 109mm(L) X47mm(W) X 30 mm(H)
Derating Curve
Qty (ea.)/Carton48
Individual Box/Gift Box Size (mm)145*85*55
Individual Box/Gift Box ColorWhite
Master Carton Size (mm)455 x 300 x 350
Gross Weight (kg)
Label Width (mm)35.5
Label Height (mm)84.5
Input Configuration
DescriptionMale Cigarette Lighter Plug,UL2468, 16AWG, 1800mm
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Output Configuration
Common output connector options:
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L Type (Coaxial 5.5x2.5mm plug)
C Type (Coaxial 5.5x2.1mm plug)
K Type (Coaxial 3.5x1.3mm plug)
LL Type (5.5x2.5mm Locking 760k type)
CL Type (5.5x2.1mm Locking S761k type)
Magnetic Connector
L Type (Coaxial 5.5x2.5mm plug)C Type (Coaxial 5.5x2.1mm plug)K Type (Coaxial 3.5x1.3mm plug)LL Type (5.5x2.5mm Locking 760k type)CL Type (5.5x2.1mm Locking S761k type)Magnetic Connector
YL3 Type (KPPX-3P)
YL4 Type (KPPX-4P)
EJ1/2/3/4/5 (EIAJ RC-5320A type connectors)
MSB Type (Micro USB)

Custom design
YL3 Type (KPPX-3P)YL4 Type (KPPX-4P)EJ1/2/3/4/5 (EIAJ RC-5320A type connectors)MSB Type (Micro USB)USBC Type (USB Type C)Inquire for custom design

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CE Certification
User-added imageCHINA SJ/T 11364-2014, China RoHS Chart:
RoHSSpecifications of directive 2011/65/EU Annex VI (ROHS-2) with amendment 2015/863-EU (ROHS-3)
User-added imageAttention Mark / Refer to operating manual for operating and service instructions
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User-added imageUkraine UKRSepro (Document:
User-added imageJapan: Voluntary Control Council for Interference (VCCI)
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