GTM965500P-BP-WWWVV-XX Open Frame/Internal ICT / ITE / Medical Power Supply

GTM965500P-BP-WWWVV-XX, ICT / ITE / Medical Power Supply,  60601-1-4th Ed. , Open Frame/Internal, Regulated Switchmode AC-DC Power Supply AC Adaptor, Forced airflow for full rated power (CFM): 10, Input Rating: 100-240V~, 50-60 Hz, , Output Rating: 550 Watts, Power rating with convection cooling (W) 300, 12-54V in 0.1V increments, Approvals:GTM965500P-BP-WWWVV-XX, ICT / ITE / Medical Power Supply, 60601-1-4th Ed. , Open Frame/Internal, Regulated Switchmode AC-DC Power Supply AC Adaptor, Forced airflow for full rated power (CFM): 10, Input Rating: 100-240V~, 50-60 Hz, , Output Rating: 550 Watts, Power rating with convection cooling (W) 300, 12-54V in 0.1V increments, Approvals:
Model NumberGTM965500P-BP-WWWVV-XX
CE EC-Declaration for Medical
CE EC-Declaration for Industrial/Commercial/ITE
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UKCA-Declaration for Industrial/Commercial/ITE
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Model Parameters
TypeOpen Frame/Internal
TechnologyRegulated Switchmode AC-DC Power Supply AC Adaptor
CategoryICT / ITE / Medical Power Supply
Input Voltage Range (V)100-240V~, 50-60 Hz
Max Input Current (A)6A
Max Output Power Rating (W)550
Output Voltage Range (V)12-54
EfficiencyUSA DOE Level VI / Eco-design Directive 2009/125/EC, (EU) 2019/1782
Ingress ProtectionN/A
Size (mm)127.0 (L) x 76.2 (W) x 34.3 (H)
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Rating Table
Model Number (Final ordering #/Part No to be defined)VoltageAmps (Convection)Amps (Forced Air)Watts (Convection)Watts (Forced Air)RFQ
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  • High power density 3" x 5" format
  • Full power rating at 50°C ambient and 90VAC
  • Auxiliary +12V fan and +5V standby outputs
  • Power-good, remote-off, & remote-sense
  • Output voltage fine adjustment
  • 20ms min. holdup time for full power range
  • Available with earthed output or floating output (with functional earth)
  • ITE/ICT and medical (2 x MOPP) certified


Input Voltage:90 - 264VAC (Nameplate: 100 - 240VAC)
Input Frequency:47 - 63Hz (Nameplate: 50 - 60Hz)
Input Current:6.5A max. @ 100VAC, 5.2A typ. @ 115VAC, 2.5A typ. @ 240VAC (full load)
No Load Input Power:< 500mW, 240VAC
Inrush Current:< 35A @ 115VAC , < 70A @ 240VAC (cold start @ 25°C)
Efficiency:92 - 95% typ.
Power Factor:> 0.95 @ 115Vac, > 0.90 @ 240VAC (full load)

Main Output

Total Output Power
(Main + Standby + Fan Output):
550W (with forced air cooling)
300W (natural convection cooling)
Turn-on Delay:< 2 seconds @ 115VAC
Output Voltage Regulation:± 2.5% (set point tolerance + load/line regulation, measured at output connector)
Load Regulation:± 1.0% (measured at output connector)
Line Regulation:± 0.5% (measured at output connector)
Ripple:< 1% pk-pk (using a 47µF low-ESR cap + 0.1µF ceramic capacitor, measured @ 20MHz BW)
Transient Response:± 5% deviation max. (with 50% load step), recovery to within ±1% within 1ms
Startup Overshoot:< 5%
Hold-up Time:20ms min. (100VAC, full load)
Power-Good (PG):Signal typically goes low ~10ms ahead of AC power failure or entering of protection state
5V logic level, VH = 4.90V typ. @ IPG= 100µA
Remote-Off (RO):Pull 'Remote Off' to COM to disable main output; leave floating or connect to +5VSB otherwise
IRO = 2mA typ. during disabled/off state
Remote-Sense:Up to 500mV total cable-drop compensation, reverse and short circuit protected
Output Voltage Fine Adjustment:Via potentiometer, ±5% adjustment range

Standby Output

Output Voltage:5V
Output Current:1A
Output Voltage Regulation:± 5.0% (set point tolerance + load/line/cross regulation)
Ripple:2% pk-pk (using a 47µF low-ESR cap + 0.1µF ceramic capacitor, measured @ 20MHz BW)
Hold-Up Time:20ms min.
Always On?Yes

Fan Output

Output Voltage:12V
Output Current:0.5A
Output Voltage Regulation:± 15.0% (set point tolerance + load/line/cross regulation)
Ripple:1% pk-pk (using a 47µF low-ESR cap + 0.1µF ceramic capacitor, measured @ 20MHz BW)
Always On?Follows 'Remote-Off' signal (i.e. Fan is off when RO is pulled low.)


Input Protection:MOV transient suppressor, dual high breaking capacity fuses
Over-Voltage Protection:110-150%, latching, cycle AC power to reset
Over-Current Protection:105-150%, non-latching with auto-recovery
Short Circuit Protection:Non-latching with auto-recovery
Over-Temperature Protection:Latching, cycle AC power to reset


MTBF:1,500,000 hours @ 25°C ambient, full load (Telcordia SR-332, Issue 3)
Operating Temperature:-20°C to 50°C (full output power), -20°C to 70°C (with derating)
Storage Temperature:-40°C to 85°C
Humidity:0% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Altitude:5000m max.
Vibration:Conforms to EN60068-2-6


Dielectric Withstand Voltage:4000VAC (primary-to-secondary)
1500VAC (primary-to-earth)
1500VAC (secondary-to-earth) [Functional earth option only]
Output Touch Current:NC: <100µA SFC: <500µA
Earth Leakage Current:NC: <200µA SFC: <1.0mA
Means of Protection:2 x MOPP (primary-to-secondary)
1 x MOPP (primary-to-earth)
1 x MOPP (secondary-to-earth) [Functional earth option only]


EN55032 (CISPR32)
EN55035 (CISPR35)
Conducted Emissions:Class B, FCC Part 15 (with resistive load)
Radiated Emissions:Class B, FCC Part 15 (with resistive load)
Harmonic Current Voltage Distortion:EN61000-3-2, Class A
Voltage Fluctuations/Flicker:EN61000-3-3
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Immunity:EN61000-4-2, 10KV contact discharge, 20KV air discharge (applied to input, output, or control connector)
Radiated RF Immunity:EN61000-4-3, 10V/m 80-2700MHz, 80% 1KHz AM.
EFT/Burst Immunity:EN61000-4-4, 4KV/100kHz.
Line Surge Immunity:EN61000-4-5, 2KV differential-mode, 4KV common-mode
Conducted RF Immunity:EN61000-4-6, 3VRMS, 80% 1KHz AM
Power Frequency Magnetic Field Immunity:EN61000-4-8, 30A/m
Voltage Dip Immunity:EN61000-4-11


Dimensions (nom.)
Open-Frame (GTM965500P):
127.0 x 76.2 x 33.4mm (5.00" x 3.00" x 1.31")
[Height measurement is PCB thickness + tallest component]
Dimensions (nom.)
Open-Frame with baseplate (GTM965500P-BP):
127.0 x 76.2 x 39.1mm (5.00" x 3.00" x 1.54")
Dimensions (nom.)
Enclosed with top fan (GTM965500P-TF):
138.0 x 88.0 x 57.4mm (5.43" x 3.47" x 2.26")
Dimensions (nom.)
Enclosed with end fan (GTM965500P-EF/-EFI):
161.0 x 88.0 x 43.0mm (6.34" x 3.47" x 1.69")
Fan Audible Noise:
Enclosed with top fan (GTM965500P-TF):
28.5dBA typ.
Fan Audible Noise:
Enclosed with end fan (GTM965500P-EF/-EFI):
27.5dBA typ.
Mounting to end-application enclosure:Refer to the mechanical drawing for the maximum/recommended penetration depths of mounting screws used to secure the power supply to the end-application enclosure. Failure to adhere to the specified depths may pose a safety risk.

Input/Output Connectors

Input Connector for Open-Frame, -BP,
and -TF (J1):
Connector on PCB: JST B3P5-VH
Recommended mate: JST VHR-5N
Pinout: 1: Neutral | 2: Line | 3: Earth
Input Connector for -EF:Connector on enclosure: TE/AMP 350767-1
Recommended mate: TE/AMP 350766-1
Pinout: 1: Line | 2: Neutral | 3: Earth
Input Connector for -EFI:Connector on enclosure: IEC60320 C14 inlet
Recommended mate: IEC60320 C13 power cord
Main Output Connectors for -M4 Suffix
(J2A, J2B):
Connector on PCB: M4 PCB terminal
Recommended mate: M4 or #8 ring terminal (brass or copper)
Recommended mounting torque: 1.2Nm
Pinout: J2A: V+ | J2B: V-
Main Output Connector for -CN Suffix
[≤24A only] (J2):
Connector on PCB: Molex 0039288080
Recommended mate: Molex 0039012085
Pinout: 1, 2, 5, 6: V+  |  3, 4, 7, 8: V-
Standby Output + Signal Connector (J3):Connector on PCB: Amphenol 98414-G06-06LF
Recommended mate: Amphenol 10073599-006LF
Pinout: A01: Remote Off | A02: SNS+ | A03: SNS- | B01: Power Good | B02: COM | B03: +5VSB
Fan Output Connector (J4):Connector on PCB: Molex 22-04-1021
Recommended mate: Molex 22-01-1022
Pinout: 1: +FAN | 2: -FAN
Negative/common connection:V- (J2) and COM (J3) are separated by 2.2Ω to prevent main output current from returning through J3.  V- and COM may be connected together at the end-system PCB.
Earth connection:Connect four M3 mounting holes to earth. (Mounting to a metal plate is recommended)

Connect pin 3 of J1 to earth.

Care must be taken to ensure adequate creepage/clearance to earth. Check relevant safety standards for specific requirements. Note: Heatsinks are live and not connected to earth.

When the end-system enclosure is non-conductive, using the baseplate (-BP) or enclosed versions (-TF, -EF) is recommended as a convenient way to connect all four holes to earth.
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