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The legislation governing South Korean KC Safety Certification changed on January 28, 2017. Article 3 of Enforcement Rules of the Electrical Appliances Safety Control Act, the legislation which controlled electrical product safety, was replaced by the Electrical Appliances & Household Products Safety Control Act.

The new regulations include several changes:

  • Enhanced penalties for persons who do not obtain a revised certificate when changing components, including up to three year’s imprisonment
  • Allowance for importers to apply for KC Safety Certificate for products in quantities of less than 100 and one-time import needs
  • Repeal of voluntary Safety Certification of products not subject to Safety Certification
  • Period of factory inspections for Safety Certification reduced to once every two years
  • Removal of period of validity for Safety Confirmation Certificate
  • Establishing of a Safety Confirmation declaration system
  • Establishing a Supplier Declaration of Conformity (SDOC) product declaration system
Korea safety certification mark

Safety standards for Korean KC mark approval are basically equivalent to IEC standards except for some national differences. Major national differences are AC power supply (220V, 60Hz) and the type of plug. Only plug types of KSC8305 or any one of IEC60083 A1-15, A5-15, C2b, C4, C1b, C3b, C6 are acceptable and all have pin diameter 4.8mm. GlobTek offers a wide range of standard and custom Korea certified power cords.

EXAMPLES OF KOREAN SAFETY STANDARDS ARE AS FOLLOWS; K60065(IEC 60065), K60950(IEC 60950), K 60335-1(IEC 60335-1), K 60127(IEC 60127), K61058(IEC 61058), ETC.

As of the date of this publication, KS C IEC 62368-1 2ndEd, has not been adopted and is not accepted in Korea requiring the use of IEC60950 certification to gain access to the South Korean market.

Below is a real time product offering from GlobTek for Power supplies with Korea certification:


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