Power Supply with Locking and waterproof M8 connector option achieving IP67/68 ratings

GlobTek offers customized connector options on all of its external power supply products. One option offering locking and ingress protection options is the M8 style locking plug. The M8 series of plugs was originally designed for factory automation, process control, industrial instrumentation, and commercial electronics and offers a generally robust option for most applications. GlobTek offers M5, M8, M12 and other connector options in both rewireable and overmolded options.

GlobTek has a core competence in both designing partially or completely customized plugs or implementing customer specific designs. GlobTek utilizes state of the art software and engineering abilities to design, validate, and tool connector solutions for all sorts of applications.

GlobTek manufactures such solutions as input and output connectors for power supplies as well as stand-alone cable assemblies.

GlobTek is able to utilize off the shelf components or custom fabricate components as well as overmolds in all ratings, colors, shapes, hardness, and materials.

GlobTek handles all aspects of mold/tooling design, implementation, and injection molding out of it’s Suzhou China production facility.

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