Medical grade power adapters ideal to replace stock power sources for networking equipment used in medical environments, such as for PoE Switching Hub LINKSYS® LGS108P

When off the shelf telecom equipment, such as  PoE Switching Hub LINKSYS® LGS108P, are applied in medical environments and become subject to IEC60601-1 compliance, it becomes necessary to replace the external AC to DC adapter. GlobTek offers a wide range of globally approved IEC60601-1 certified solutions in most wattages and output voltages. 

The medical grade desktop power adapter, TR9CX3333YL4IMR6B, provides 54VDC and 0-3.33A output at 180W of maximum power with the same type of 4 Pin locking connector and seamlessly replaces the stock power adapter GP306B-540-120 which ships with the original equipment. 

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