March 2022 COVID-19 Update on effect of operations of GlobTek, Inc.

4/1/2022 update: Globtek Suzhou operations continue at relatively normal rates however strict lockdowns are starting in the region surrounding Suzhou. The nearest ports are also experiencing large slowdowns however are still operating. Globtek is navigating the situation as best as possible and is able to continue relatively normal operations at this time. Any further update will be published at this link.

3/26/2022 Northvale - In March 2022 various regions of China were closed for quarantine related to COVID-19. No region where GlobTek, Inc. operates or maintains facilities was closed. While company operations are running smoothly, certain suppliers of components, transportation, and other necessary supplies may have been closed or had employees in quarantine and not able to report to work causing minor delays in fulfillment of orders out of GlobTek's Suzhou China location. Delays have been limited in nature and operations continue to run normally. This notice will be updated in the event something changes. 


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