Low leakage current power supplies are designed for a variety of applications in many form factors

Low leakage current power supplies are designed to minimize the amount of electrical current that flows through the earth ground or the patient in a medical device, in order to reduce the risk of electrical shock or interference.

GlobTek, a manufacturer of power supplies and adapters, offers a range of low leakage current power supplies that are designed to meet the safety requirements of medical and dental equipment. These power supplies are built with features such as reinforced insulation, double insulation, and high creepage and clearance distances, which help to prevent electrical current from flowing between the primary and secondary circuits.

GlobTek's low leakage current power supplies are available in a variety of output voltages and power ratings, and can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. They are designed to meet various safety standards and regulations, including IEC 60601-1, which is the international standard for medical electrical equipment.

In addition to medical applications, low leakage current power supplies can also be used in other sensitive applications, such as laboratory equipment, measurement instruments, and aerospace and defense applications, where electrical interference or shock can be hazardous or detrimental to the system's performance.

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