CU für Mexiko NOM-zertifizierte Schutzklasse I 60W (Watt) Desktop-Schaltnetzteile sind jetzt gemäß dem neuesten Standard NOM-001-SCFI-1993 GT-81081-60XX-T3 nur für 12V, 13,2V, 14V und 15V aktualisiert.

GT-81081-60VV-x.x-T2 & T3(A) Series, which is updated to latest standard NOM-001-SCFI-1993 GT-81081-60XX-T3 represents GlobTek’s up-to 60W (Watt) family of AC-DC Converters which are supplied with IEC 60320/ C6, C8 or C14 inlets, have Double-Enforced Insulation Mechanical Configurations and Regulated Output voltages from: 12 to 24Vdc in 0.1V increments. GlobTek’s GT-81081 series of enclosed power supplies are housed in Impact Resistant non-vented Polycarbonate Case, Thermal Conduction Cooling, Case Dimensions: 121 x 56 x 32 (mm).

This Family features: Regulated outputs with very low ripple, Built-in Protection features: O.C. (Over-Current), S.C. (Short Circuit), O.V. (Over-Voltage) and Thermal, accepts Universal Input: 100-240Vac, plus meets or accedes multitude of International Safety Requirements. Reports including CB are generated by independent Certified Laboratory.

Certifications / Approvals / Safety Compliance:

C-Tick GT-81081-T3(A) N4292 SAA111102EA
CB report 60950-1 2nd Ed
CCC to GB4943.1-2011, Tropical <2000
CE Mark: tested to comply with EN55022:2006/A1:2007 Class B, EN610003-2, EN610003-3 including EN61000-4-2, EN61000-4-3, EN61000-4-4, EN61000-4-5, EN61000-4-6N EN61000-4-11; EMI: Complies with EN55011 CLASS B and FCC Part 15B - On label or Molded in case
CHINA SJ/T 11363-2006, China RoHS Chart:
Class I Earth Ground

адаптер питания
CU Kazakhstan Certificate
UL60950-1, cULus to UL 60950-1, 2nd Edition, 2007-03-27 and CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1-07, 2nd Edition, 2007-03
EMC Inspected
Indoor Use Only - Mark is on the label or Molded in the case
IP40Ingress Protection: IP40 to IEC60529:2001 Protection against granular foreign bodies
IRAM certificate to IEC 60950-1:2005 + A1:2009
Korea KET KC Mark GT-81081-6012-T3 HU10499-10004A (12V Only)
Korea KET KC Mark GT-81081-6015-T3 HU10499-14019A (15V Only)
Korea KET KC Mark GT-81081-6024-T3 HU10499-12009A (24V Only)
Efficiency: complies to section 301 of Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) complies with Energy Star tier 2 (North America), ECP tier 2 (China), MEPS tier 2 (Australia), Code of Conduct (Europe)
Efficiency: complies to section 301 of Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) complies with Energy Star tier 2 (North America), ECP tier 2 (China), MEPS tier 2 (Australia), Code of Conduct (Europe)
Nemko w Class I Warning Nemko EN60950-1:2006, A11, A1, A12

Fuente de alimentación de ITE
NOM (Mexico) to NOM-001-SCFI-1993 GT-81081-60XX-T3 for 12V,13.2V,14V,15V only
EEV1191Natural Resources Canada (NRCan): CSA Standard C381.1-08, QSP NRCAN EEV1191;
JAPAN PSE CQC Globtek Inc to J60950 AND J55022. Please follow the procedure listed in the following link for proper import to Japan:
RoHS 2RoHS 2: Complies with EU 2011/65/EU and CHINA SJ/T 11363-2006
Serial Number Information
Singapore GT-81081-6015-T3 ICE 60950-1:2001 + 2009 120285-11 120287-11 120757-11 (12, 13.2 and 15 v only)

TUV (Brazil) GT-81081 60XX-T3 12V-24V only
1O139Ukraine UKRSepro (Document:
Japan: Voluntary Control Council for Interference (VCCI)
WEEE:Complies with EU 2012/19/EU ( Mark is on the label or Molded in the case

Our certification is accepted by the OSHA Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Program which is required for demonstrating compliance to UL standards for switching power supplies. Other, more ruggedized or medical versions of such units are certified 2xMOPP (means of patient protection), which refers to two independent systems of insulation protecting the patient from dangerous voltages. A single insulating component can get this rating based on extensive testing. 2xMOPP certifications exceeds the requirements of 2xMOOP and these power supplies may be used for either application. In addition other series comply with 60601-1-11 Home health care standards. Aside from 2xMOPP rating, many models are designed to withstand ESD surge ratings of 8kV Contact / 15kV Air.


Bespoke, customized enclosure colors, output connectors, housing designs, output cord types and lengths, customized packaging, including open frame or ruggedized to various degrees of Ingress Protection. Test reports and certifications as well, as variety of other customizations or options is available upon request.

These products can be supplied with customer designated output plugs, many of which are stocked at GlobTek New Jersey USA, Münster Germany, and Suzhou China locations.

Made in USA or Made in China options available. Local China to China delivery is available upon request.

Industry – Leading 5 year warranty on all products, excluding battery cells!


This family of Industry’s high density AC-DC Power Supplies is suitable for most applications requiring DC power which include industrial, marine, consumer or medical devices, portable medical treatment and monitoring equipment & instruments, hospital equipment and fixtures, Lighting and Support Equipment, medium and high power appliances or consumer products, VOIP phones and telecom equipment.


GlobTek is a power systems solutions provider with design and manufacturing facilities in the USA and China with sales offices in Germany, France, and the UK. Offering a line of power supplies, energy systems, PoEs, LED drivers, power cords, battery packs and many other power-related products and services for applications from gym equipment to medical systems, GlobTek can also develop and create custom power solutions for just about any requirement. As an ISO-13485 certified manufacturer of medical devices, GlobTek specializes in World-Wide safety compliant and ruggedized standard, modified and custom devices at an unbeatable cost vs. quality ratio!

GlobTek’s Headquarters including R&D, Engineering, Warehousing, Sales & Marketing, Testing and Assembly is located at 186 Veterans Drive, Northvale NJ 07647. For more information call 201-784-1000 or visit GlobTek online at

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