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Absolute Maximum Ratings
Specifications that, if exceeded, could cause permanent damage to the converter. These are not continuous ratings, and proper operation is not implied.
External Power Supply desktop or wall plug-in, linear, unregulated or regulated.
Operating a converter under controlled conditions for a predetermined time in order to screen out failures.
Ambient Temperature
The room temperature, or effective temperature of the environment in which the power supply is operating.
Auto-Parallel or automatic parallel
A parallel connection of the outputs of two or more supplies used for obtaining a current output greater than that obtainable from one supply.
Auto-Series or automatic series operation
A series connection of the outputs of two or more power supplies used for obtaining a voltage greater than that obtainable from one supply.
Absolute Maximum Ratings Adaptor Aging Ambient Temperature Auto-Parallel or automatic parallel Auto-Series or automatic series operation Base Plate Temperature Basic Insulation Battery Backup Breakdown Voltage Burn-in CB-Scheme CFM Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Case Case Temperature Common Common Mode Noise Conducted EMI Conduction Cooled Constant Current Power Supply Constant Voltage Power Supply Constant Voltage/Constant Current (CV/CC) with automatic crossover Constant Voltage/Current Limiting (CV/CL) with automatic crossover Convection Cooled Cross Regulation Crowbar Current Limit Knee Current Limiting Derating Dielectric Dielectric Withstand Voltage Differential Mode Noise Drift Dynamic Load Dynamic Response EMI Filter Efficiency Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Electrostatic Shield Enclosure Equivalent Series Inductance(ESL) Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) Failure Mode Faraday Shield Fault Mode Current Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Floating Output Foldback Current Limiting Forced Air Cooling Free Convection Front End Full Load Ground Ground Loop Heat Sink Hi-Pot Test High Line Hold-Up Time Hot Plug-In Input Current Input Line Filter Input Surge Current Input Transient Input Voltage Range Inrush Current Inrush Current Limiting Insulation Insulation Resistance Internal Power Dissipation International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Isolation Isolation Voltage Leakage Current Life Test Line Regulation of a constant current power supply Line Regulation of a constant voltage power supply Linear Regulation Load Load Decoupling Load Regulation of a Constant Current Power Supply Load Regulation of a Constant Voltage Power Supply Local Sensing Logic Inhibit/Enable Long Term Stability Low Line Master/Slave Operation Maximum Load Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) Minimum Load Minimum Operating Temperature N+1 Redundancy No Load Voltage Noise Nominal Value OTP: Over Temperature Protection Open Frame Open-Circuit Voltage Operating Temperature Range Output Current Limiting Output Impedence of a power supply Output Voltage Output Voltage Accuracy Output Voltage Range Overload Protection Overshoot Overvoltage Protection (OVP) Parallel Operation Periodic and Random Deviation (PARD) Pi Filter Polarity Post Regulation Power Density Power Factor Correction (PFC) Power Good Power Rating Pre-Regulation Primary Circuit Programmable Power Supply Radiated EMI Rated Output Current Redundant Operation Reference Reflected Ripple Current Regulation Remote Error Sensing or Remote Sensing Remote Programming Remote Programming Speed Remote Shutdown Resolution Return Reverse Voltage Protection Ripple and Noise SMBus Secondary Circuit Sense Line Series Operation Series Regulator Short Circuit Protection Shunt Regulator Six-Sided Shielding Soft Start Split Bobbin Winding Stability Standby Current Step Change Storage Temperature Range Technischer Uberwachungs-Verein (TUV) Temperature Coefficient Temperature Range Thermal Conductivity Thermal Gasket Thermal Joint Compound Thermal Protection Thermal Resistance Thermal Resistivity Thermal Shutdown Three-Terminal Regulator Topology Tracking Transient Transient Recovery Time Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO) Undershoot Underwriters Laboratories (UL) UninterruptiblePower Supply (UPS) Verband Deutsher Elektrotechniker (VDE) Voltage Balance Warmup Drift Warmup Time Withstand Voltage
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